Big A88 Reason


Big A88 JOGGER was founded by CEO Lou Alexander on March 27th, 2020. What started off as a joke on social media, Lou started to incorporate jogging into his workouts. Soon it began to pick up steam, with a community of like minded individuals that were looking to get better and find a way to work out during the Covid-19 pandemic. BIG A88 JOGGER apparel is here to help you drive towards finding your true self and achieving greatness at the BIGGEST level.


BIG A88 JOGGER was formed, due to Lou's size and stature. Being a 255lb, 6ft4" ex collegiate and professional athlete, jogging was never a first choice. There are many men and women out there that need inspiration and motivation to get outside and jog without judgment.


Here at BIG A88 JOGGER we want to inspire those individuals to embrace who they are and take pride in being the best at whatever they do. To be a BIG A88 JOGGER, It’s not about your size in stature, race, gender or economic status. It’s about having the opportunity to feel good and do everything with pride and confidence while truly staying connected to yourself.